About Us

Energy & Utility Management (EUM) are a leading provider of data and document management solution and services to both the Public and Private sectors

Our focus is on delivering solutions that streamline business processes, cost optimization, better business planning, improved efficiency and productivity which translates into improved operational visibility. This keen focus has allowed us to develop solutions that dramatically improve business processes and manage risks throughout the business supply chain.

Our experienced team possesses a unique combination of technical and hands-on experience. Most importantly, when you select EUM, you have an experienced partner vested in your success that will remain at your side throughout the entire implementation. We combine the best of our people, process and proficiency to make you the performance leader amongst your competitors!

All our solutions offer an integrated total solution for the effective management of information that comes in various forms to provide our users with the right information at the right place at the right time. In addition, we have specialist templates developed to ensure seamless integration and fast implementation.

As a regional solution provider, our portfolio of work encompasses most of the Asia Pacific region including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Brunei and Australia.

Our Vision

To become a regional market leader who provides Data and Information Management improvement solutions and services to the clients while upholding core values, reliable services, sustainable relationships and support to the stakeholders and community.

Our Mission Statements

We strive to provide our clients with cost effective and the best in class solutions to enhance their competitive advantage.

We understand and proactively respond to clients' need by leveraging our years of experience and expertise in improving data and information management aiming to deliver optimum productivity and achieve greater return on investment.

By upholding the core values, we value the relationships with our clients, partners and stakeholders.