EUM-Newgen offers a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet specific industry and functional requirements. Our vertical solutions are built on our proven BPM, ECM, CCM and Case Management Technologies.

Banking & Finance

EUM-Newgen offers a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet specific industry and functional requirements. Our vertical solutions are built on our proven BPM, ECM, CCM and Case Management Technologies.

Speed Up On-boarding

Enable a faster on-boarding process with streamlined information gathering, approvals and customer communications.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Leverage modern digital tools such as mobile and social that and go the extra mile when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Improve Profitability

Faster on-boarding translates into augmented business volumes. Do more with less and also save up on overheads to drive greater profitability.

Deliver customer convenience

Quickly on-board customers with a consistent and intuitive online account opening process

Expand reach to customers

Onboard customers 24X7 without added investment in a physical setup/branch

Improve cross-sells & upsells

Suggest new products to customers based on their profile, leading to enhanced revenue

FATCA Readiness with Newgen

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was enacted by the United States government in 2010, as part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (HIRE). The Act is aimed at helping the US government combat off-shore non-compliance. The Act comes into effect from July 1, 2014. Compliance to FATCA is complex. Financial Institutions will need to make substantial changes in processes such as client on-boarding, documentation, reporting and withholding. The act is intricate and evolving continuously. This greatly impacts an organizations readiness to tackle it.

Compliance to FATCA needs a distinctive approach. A simple change of processes or leveraging new IT infrastructure may not suffice as a successful compliance strategy.

Newgen helps organization’s gain FATCA compliance through a thought leadership approach. It provides Financial Institutions with robust FATCA compliance software and also help them create step by step approach for a comprehensive compliance strategy. Newgen FATCA initiatives are spearheaded by its FATCA Centre of Excellence (FATCA CoE), which operates under its Banking and Compliance Center of Excellence.

Newgen offers integrated FATCA compliance software for Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs), US Financial Institutions (USFIs) and concerned government agencies such as tax authorities. The applications leverage Newgen’s two decades of domain expertise in Banking and Compliance along with its market leading BPM, Case Management, ECM and CCM applications. Newgen’s FATCA Compliance Software make astute use of Newgen’s Case Management capabilities alongside leveraging its business transformation platforms. Negotiating the finer aspects of the act such as handling recalcitrant account holders and also maintain scenario by scenario compliance adherence.

Newgen understands that compliance to the act will need constant mentoring and knowledge up-gradation with respect to the evolving tenets of the act. The Newgen FATCA CoE for this purpose constantly keeps a tab on the tenets of the act and provides astute pre and post implementation consultations on how clients can stay ahead of the game.

Omni Channel Touch Points

Loan request submission from multiple channels leading to increased business value.

Credit Policy Automation

Rule Management System to automate complete credit policy.

Efficient risk management

Integration with External Credit Bureaus support for effectual decision making.

Amplify Revenues

Drive faster approval cycles and provide the freedom to roll out better services,improving earnings.

Improve Process Efficiency

Design a unified mortgage lending process for faster data verification, reviews and better exception handling.

Stay Compliant

Respond to regulatory changes with effectiveness and alacrity with the Newgen Mortgage Software.

Accelerate Origination

Improve business volumes through swift application aggregation, verification and approvals.

Improve Compliance

Create transparent and audit friendly credit card processing with a rules driven system.

Increase Agility

Enhance change management to respond to new opportunities and create innovative offerings for customers.

Agile Business Process

Design trade finance processes which are agile, accurate and help maximizing profits by bringing down transaction times and costs.

Secured Authentication

Create paramount security for a smart trade finance solution.

High Operational Efficiency

Create better operational efficiency by reducing the need for specialized human resources across functions.

Faster Time to Market

Roll out new products and leveraging Newgen’s BPM and Case Management capabilities.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Drive smarter customer services, delivering customized and relevant information to improve customer experience.

Greater Compliance

Apply the right regulations with rules driven processes and ensure robust and compliant KYC due diligence.

Create smarter, more efficient Field Force

Empower field agents with advanced tools to capture, exchange and process information on the fly.

Deliver world class customer experience

Provide enhanced customer services and real-time, personalized communications to increase delighted customers.

Transform operations for better productivity

Reduce cycle times and cut down the operational costs to create more productive and swifter processes.

Enable faster and secure payments

Replace legacy systems with advanced e-payment system to attain speed and accuracy.

Enhance Customer Experience

Significantly reduce cycle times to enable faster processing and unmatched customer services.

Mitigate Operational Risk

Establish swift verification process, robust payment status monitoring and quick inter branch reconciliations.


Newgen with its tailored solutions for Government Enterprises enables agile, responsive and futuristic governance.

Enhanced Collaboration

Allow government officials to collaborate and work on a scenario to achieve optimized outcome by deciding on the ‘next best action’

Dynamic Task Routing

Assess emerging scenarios, quickly adapt your process in accordance and deploy them in run time for greater citizen satisfaction

Intelligent Decision Making

Deploy the best possible solution by tapping into the tacit knowledge of individual case workers and leveraging analytics

Automate and Transform Processes

Automate day-to-day functions and achieve process visibility at all levels of administrative hierarchy processes, enhancing business user accountability

Realize a Paperless Office

Eliminate paper-based workflows, reduce manual hand-offs and exchange documents electronically to save time and reduce paper-handling costs

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Improve process efficiencies, reduce errors, and avoid unnecessary process delays by adopting an automated operational environment

End-to-End Records Management

Manage physical and electronic records from their creation to disposition while retaining integrity and authenticity of records

Deliver Contextual Content across Multiple Channels

Deliver contextual content, specific to the need of the end user across different mediums, including mobile, cloud and emails

Enforce Certified Records Management

Ensure compliance with VERS and ISO 15489 standards and be DoD 5015.2 certified

Office On-the-Go

Increase productivity by enabling access to office processes on official’s mobile device with capabilities like advanced imaging and enhanced security

Responsive Public Services

Enhance government-to-citizen interactions by reaching citizens even in the remotest of locations and providing round-the-clock services

Real-time Information

Empower officials with real-time and contextual information on-the-fly for better decision making

Extend Reach to Citizens

Integrate system with social channels and share emergency communications, alerts and public service announcements

Enhance Service Delivery

Increase citizens participation by allowing them to post and share their views on recent developments, economic and social issues

Effectively Manage Content

Manage and archive various communication threads across multiple social media channels as per the rules and regulations

Shared Service Centers

Astounding ROIs and operational benefits. Excellent ability to integrate with existing IT infrastructure.

Reduce Operational Costs

End-to-end process automation minimizes errors and brings down the operational costs significantly.

Improve Productivity and Capacity Planning

End-to-end process automation minimizes errors and brings down the operational costs by more than 30%

Increase Compliance

Enforce internal policies, comply with regulatory needs and follow operational Standard Operating Procedure.


Become a Leader with Newgen Payer Management, Provider Contracting and Mobile Medicare Enrollment Solutions.

Attain Market Competitiveness

Drive home a sustainable competitive advantage through enhanced Care Delivery services, improved productivity and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Create Operational Excellence

Foster transactional efficiencies with members & providers through robust business process frameworks and smart service delivery models.

Ensure Transparency & Control

Maintain high degree of process governance and quick operational turnarounds to stay compliant and avoid financial penalties.


Solutions to enhance your business volumes, customer satisfaction, improve underwriting and compliance adherence.

Maximize Customer Services

Deliver value driven services to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Enhance Profitability

Accelerate business volumes with contextual up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Mitigate Risks

Enable a robust KYC process along with smart opportunity monitoring to prevent fraudulent claims.


Drive superior customer services and deliver processes which are agile and adaptable to the changing dynamics of telecom industry.

CAF Management

Newgen leverages its expertise and experience in providing BPM solutions for customer centric processes such as CAF Management, which offers numerous features and benefits.

Call Records

Newgen offers its Records Management Solution to Telecom companies in order to manage the complete lifecycle of physical and electronic call detail records.

e-Statements for Telecom

Transform transaction documents into marketing opportunities with Newgen’s solution for electronic statements.

Business Process Outsourcing

Drive superior customer services and deliver processes that are adaptable to the changing dynamics of the global telecom industry.

Enhance Resource Productivity

Efficiently manage work load and track resource performance across process life cycle to maximize their productivity.

Simplify Complex Process Deployment

Highly agile solution framework allows BPO organizations to create efficient processes spanning multiple industries and geographies.

Ensure Operational Efficiencies

Automate core elements of processes and gain complete visibility to remove any bottlenecks and enhance performance.

Legal Case Management

Modernized Operations

Modernize operations to move away from paper and manpower intensive processes.

Task Management

Empower rules driven allocation of cases depending on different parameters including skill set, bandwidth and investigation outcomes.

Revenue Optimization

Have a track on client billable hours and ensure streamlined and on-time invoice generation to ensure optimized revenue flow.


Newgen’s On-Screen Marking and student records management solution for Education Centers.

Digitized Assessments

Comprehensively evaluate physical examination answer scripts by automating their marking and scoring.

Enhanced Accuracy

Enable an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process by ensuring authentication based assessments, comments, annotations and reviews.

Optimized Processing

Effectively bring down the cost of assessments with the help of automation and also bring down costs associate with physical management of documents.

Solutions on Cloud

Engender intelligent business and optimized business solutions built on Newgen’s Enterprise Platforms hosted on AWS Cloud.

Accounts Payable on Cloud

Manage your profitability by taking charge of cash flow.

Account Opening (KYC Process)

On-board your customers faster and with ease with best-in-class KYC automation.

Loan Document Approval

Smarter, better and faster Loan Processing.

Vendor Registration Process

Drive a linear and hassle free Vendor registration process.


Newgen Solution for Pharmaceutical Enterprises helps you leverage and unleash global best practices in manufacturing.

Enable Goods Manufacturing Practices

Meet the complex requirements of ‘The Goods Manufacturing Practices’ and safeguard your enterprise from compliance lapses.

Enhance Overall Productivity

Smart tools for document management and approval workflows, improve enterprise wide information management and collaboration.

Prevent Legal Hassles

Prevent running into legal issues which can otherwise lead to heavy fines, impacting your overall profitability.