What We Do

Energy & Resources

Energy and resources companies are under tremendous pressure to achieve operational excellence and responsibly extract the maximum value from their resources. Whether in Oil & Gas, Mining, or Petrochemical, your focus is on mitigating risks, effective investment of capital, timely construction and commissioning of assets, and efficient delivery of new production to the market. Operating in a heavily regulated industry, compliance pressures demand rigor and discipline in managing corporate records from well files, to asset information, engineering documents, transmittals, leases or contracts – to name a few. Our solutions can optimize your business processes, and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization.

Engineering, Construction & Operation

Infrastructure such as buildings, transportation, power plants and oil refineries have lifecycles that span decades, creating significant data challenges for EPCM contractors and the owner-operators. Throughout the lifecycle of a project or asset – from design, construction and handover to operations – the number of assets that need to be documented, exchanged and referenced is enormous. Finding the right solution that can help improve secure collaboration and control between all stakeholders, while increasing compliance, mitigating risk, and is integrated with core processes can be a challenge.

To capture the greatest value from their information and investments, agile companies are seeking greater integration between their engineering document management solution and other core business processes and systems across their organization.

Power & Utilities

Utilities companies have been experiencing a massive transformation in recent years. An increasingly complex value chain, technological innovation, renewable resources, rapidly rising demand and a competitive global market are creating immense pressures on both the utilities and their customers.

Power, water, wastewater and gas utilities alike, are looking for efficiencies and innovations that will improve top line revenue and bottom line profitability – all while ensuring delivery of constant, reliable and cost-effective services to their customers.

With budgets strained by aging infrastructure – and investments in new capacity, renewable energy, Smart Grid, and the convergence of operational technology with information technology - utilities must find simple, value-added solutions to solve their complex business problems.

Thus, our solution enable utilities to attract and retain customers, increase productivity and uptime of your operations, improve business insight - ensuring you operate in a safely, reliably and compliant with regulatory requirements. We provides an enterprise platform that will optimize your business processes, and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your business.


The manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant period of transformation. International expansion, changing consumer needs, and new forms of digital technologies, such as 3D printing, advanced robotics, drones and the Internet of Things, mean that manufacturers are restructuring direct materials supply chains and IT infrastructures to ensure new technologies and consumer-driven market conditions can be embraced with ease.

Manufacturers must develop flexible and highly-scalable IT infrastructures with a centralized hub of digital information to ensure that all internal and external participants in the manufacturing value chain, from design, manufacture, and marketing to support, have access to digital information at any time and everywhere.